Crazy thoughts – Sober Contemplations

Maybe Not!


I always say I’m not envious of them;
Who fail to grasp the concept of romance.

Saying I would be happy and content,
Just to be the one who gets that last dance.

I always say “It is better to have loved and lost,
Than to not have loved at all” (or so I’ve heard!)

But now I know, that’s it far better to love,
And better still is to be loved!

“Things may come to those who wait” he said,
“But only the things left by those who hustle”

So now I will be ignorant of Romance,
Hustle and deny my Romantic self! 🙂

Maybe Not!!!

– the hopeless romantic (oddobed)

H.D Cottage Happy Valley, Shillong, Meghalaya
10:30 P.M
24.04.14 A.D


This Girl

This Girl – This Girl

This Girl, she’s oh-so-sweet!
She smiles with twinkling eyes,
She’s neat from head to feet
Her laughter warm and nice!

Her hair’s a work of art!
And she paints flowers on her toes 🙂
(But wait,) This Girl‘s also got a heart!!!
And maybe, I’d go wherever she goes*…

*(if she wants me to…okay!!!hehe)

H.D Cottage Happy Valley, Shillong
10:30 P.M
21.04.14 A.D

I confess

I cannot live with the sorrow of my sins
The weight of my guilt wears me down
The fruits of my deeds bitter my mouth
The outcome of my choices condemn me

I’m not worthy of His Grace
His kindness I do not deserve
His righteousness I fear
And the justice before me

From depths of hope i call
Still my pride  I wear
My heart filled with filth
A worthless fool I am

Better it’d be if I was not
If not to glorify His Holy Name
To be His witness-to testify
To be faithful to the one who Is

Lord help me, make me see
Teach me and be my guide
Take me in, make me yours
Hold me close and bind me
With your unfailing Love



Joy is joie!
Joy is gioia!
Joy is freude!
Joy is alegria!

Joy is a name,
Joy is a she,
She is a beaut’,
And I go mute!!! 🙂


To, The One

It’s been four years now
You still make my heart skip a beat
All I can say, is maybe Baby
Maybe You were meant to have my heart
And I never to have yours
All I can say, is maybe Baby
Maybe I wanted you too much
Maybe i asked from you too much
I wanted nothing, if not everything

I gave you my love – I became your prisoner.
You made me your friend, you set me free!!!

You gave me hope when I had none,
You taught me to have patience
You made me learn that this is life – and we can’t always get what we want

Well I loved you, I still do…
You were the one, you still are…
But I was blind, blinded by your Beauty
I love the sunshine
But I got too close to the sun – to you

So, now I admire you from afar
Knowing we almost were
Basking in your beauty
My heart always yours

From, Not the One

For You,
I’d give my all
Even my soul
You don’t love me
So,we can’t be…

Don’t be my Valentine

Don’t be my Valentine

My lips are chapped, my hair is dry
My feet is cracked and my smile wry
My heart broken and without love
I’m just me and I’m not enough

Please don’t, don’t be my Valentine
You shouldn’t, shouldn’t wanna be mine
Nobody loves a nobody
And I’m just, just a nobody.


14 February 2014
Dad’s Residence
Diphu, Karbi Anglong